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Why use Turbo Tax or Tax Act when you can have a professional review your return before you file.

FREE Tax Software is great and IRS wants you to use it. Why? Because the tax software doesn’t know the law or what deductions or credits you are entitled to. Hundreds of Millions of dollars are left in the bank account of the Federal and State governments because you must still have the knowledge of the tax law to use the program to your advantage. 

Financial Planning Services uses some of the best Tax Preparation software available to Tax Professionals today and has been doing since 1971.

We will even review you last 2 years tax returns for FREE. 

Not only that, we’ll even call you to discuss your return with you before eFiling your return. TurboTax and Tax Act can’t do that! 

To get your free eOrganizer complete the information below and we will send a personally customized organizer to you. 

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