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For Fast Accurate Filing We Offer IRS e-filing

Why Is Everyone Doing It?

You Gain

Accuracy! Security! Electronic Signatures! Proof of acceptance! Fast refunds with direct deposit! Electronic payment options!  Federal/State e-file!  Only e-filing offers these advantages.

Al Isensee - Certified Tax Preparer

Al Isensee is an authorized IRS e-file provider tax professional accepted into the electronic filing program. 

Faster Refunds

With IRS e-file, you get your refund back in half the time, deposited directly to you bank account - in as few as 10 days.

Pay Electronically

You can authorize an electronic funds withdrawal from your checking or savings account at the time your form 1040 series individual tax return is e-filed.

Pay Various Federal Income Taxes

Payment can be made for current year.
(1) Individual Income Tax Returns (1040 series)
(2) Form 4868, Application of Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
(3) Form 2350. Application for Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
(4) Tax Year 2006 Form 1040-ES, Estimated Tax for individuals.

Partial Payments

If full payment cannot be paid, the tax preparation software used by Al Isensee may allow you to make partial payments.  If partial payments are allowed, you can make a payment for less than the balance due amount on your return.  If you cannot pay in full by April 15, 2006, you can file Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request.  This form is available electronically.  An approved Installment Agreement allows you to make a predetermined series of partial payments after April 25, 2006.  regardless of how you pay, you are responsible for paying the amount of tax due by April 15, 2006 or you will be subject to late payment penalties and interest.

Electronic Transmission Confirmation

The IRS notifies Al Isensee within 48 hours of transmission that your return information was received. 

Your State Return

There are 37 States and the District of Columbia participating in the IRS e-filing program.  Al Isensee is able to file in all States that offer e-filing.






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